From April 2017, English and Welsh businesses will be able to choose their water supplier as the industry moves to deregulation.

Why deregulation and what does it mean for my business?

England’s water market has historically operated as a series of regional monopolies with customers having little or no choice over supply and, the argument goes, suppliers having little or no incentive to prioritise customer service and efficiency.

Deregulation is fundamentally a move by the UK Government to open the water industry up to competition in an attempt to stimulate innovation, improve service provision, and help drive a sustainable approach to managing water resources.

Scotland became the first country in the world to deregulate commercial water services in 2008, with approximately 50% of customers switching or renegotiating their water and sewerage services since then and achieving more than £35 million in water efficiency savings.

What can I do before then?

We would recommend that a sensible first step is to gain a thorough understanding of how water is used within your business and review your billing over the past six years. Route Organisation can undertake a thorough water health check on your behalf which will examine your billing for duplicate charges and wrongly applied fees, check that any allowances and abatements have been correctly applied and also make sure that water meter sizes/charges are correct.

There are many factors which contribute to each billing element and complex pricing structures combined with the reorganisation of water companies has left many businesses overpaying for their water utility services.

Once we have identified any inaccuracies, we can claim back any overcharges from your water supplier on your behalf. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to achieve savings of over 20% through retrospective claims.

Ensuring that your water account is in order before deregulation happens could win you a valuable rebate and make it easier to negotiate a new contract.

So when the option does become available to you from April next year, we will be able to provide a considered recommendation on switching based on what we know of your consumption and requirements.

To find out more about a free water health check from Route Organisation, contact us today on 01925 644580.