Why would I need a voltage optimiser?

The average voltage supplied from the national grid in mainland UK us 240V; at times, local conditions can increase the supply up to 253V. However, most electrical equipment only needs in the region of 220V in order to run efficiently.

Depending on its year of manufacture, any given electrical device will draw a particular amount of power from the supply it is given. Given the fluctuations in voltage supply, electrical equipment often consumes more power at higher voltages. Operating equipment at higher voltages can also have a negative impact on the lifespan of the device, for example motors burn out more quickly requiring repair or replacement.

If your site is being supplied with electricity at a higher voltage than needed, then you could be wasting energy and therefore money.

How does voltage optimisation work?

Voltage optimisers are essentially transformers which deliver power at a reduced voltage from the raw mains supply.

The voltage optimiser is fitted in between the raw mains transformer and main low voltage distribution board, thus ensuring that you only use the electricity that you need and are not wasting surplus voltage.

What are the benefits of voltage optimisation?

As well as ensuring that you are operating more efficiently, voltage optimisers can help reduce business electricity consumption by up to 20%.

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