Energy Monitoring

When it comes to energy, knowledge is most definitely power! Smart meters will help you to track your energy use and from there, make informed decisions about managing energy costs.

How smart meters work

Smart meters measure the total energy used in the same way as a traditional meter, but they can also tell when you have used that energy and how much it costs. This data is displayed on a device inside the business and read remotely by the energy supplier, so no more meter readings! Most of the smart meters that we install use wireless technology to send meter readings direct to the supplier.

An in-home display unit is also provided along with the smart meter. This is the most visible part of the smart metering system and provides up-to-date real-time information on gas and electricity use in pounds and pence, as well as units of energy.

The display also presents historical data so you can compare current and past usage.

The benefits of smart meters

Once a smart meter is installed, you will be able to see almost instantly the peaks and troughs in your business energy consumption, thus allowing you to identify what processes are using the most energy and to take a detailed look at how to reduce usage in those areas.

For the first time, smart meters are allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate and real-time information. Currently, many of us receive estimated bills after the energy has been used, making it difficult to reconcile costs with usage. Smart meters bring an end to estimated bills and ensure that you are only billed for the energy which you have actually used.

Smart meters also make switching energy suppliers smoother and faster.

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